Atlantic Canada faces threat of severe weather on Thursday

Severe weather threatens Atlantic Canada Thursday

“Batten down the hatches, Atlantic Canada – severe weather is headed your way. As the aftermath of the recent storms in Ontario and Quebec makes its way eastward, residents should brace themselves for potentially intense conditions on Thursday. From morning showers to afternoon thunderstorms, here’s what you can expect throughout the day.

Non-severe morning showers

The day will kick off with non-severe storms sweeping across parts of the region. These morning showers are forecasted to bring rain and occasional thunder, but they are not expected to escalate to severe levels. Commuters should be mindful of potentially wet conditions as they make their way to work or school.

Severe storm alert for Thursday afternoon

As the day progresses, the weather is set to intensify. Severe storms are likely to brew in Quebec and Maine, before making their way into western New Brunswick and beyond. By the afternoon, the risk of severe weather will extend to Prince Edward Island and eastern Nova Scotia, adding to the already tumultuous conditions.

Residents should be prepared for a range of severe weather impacts, including hailstones, strong wind gusts reaching speeds of up to 90 km/h, and heavy downpours. However, there is still some uncertainty surrounding the exact extent of these severe storms, so it’s crucial to stay tuned for updates as the day unfolds.

While the conditions are ripe for severe storms, the exact scope and intensity remain uncertain. Regardless, residents should take necessary precautions and stay informed as the situation evolves throughout the day.

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For more details and live updates on your area’s forecast, be sure to keep up with The Weather Network. Stay safe and stay informed as we navigate through the stormy conditions together. Environment Canada has advised residents to stay indoors if the weather becomes severe, and to avoid roads and highways if visibility becomes poor.

Remember, safety comes first, even in the midst of a storm. Stay dry, stay safe, and stay informed as the day unfolds.”



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