Unveiled fiery-red portrait of King Charles prompts divisive public reaction: “Kind of ghoulish”


Buckingham Palace unveiled its first official portrait on Tuesday of King Charles III since his coronation. While the monarch and his wife, Queen Camilla, were seemingly happy with the piece of art, the result has divided the public.

The painting, crafted by British artist Jonathan Yeo, depicts King Charles wearing the uniform of the Welsh guards against a fiery red background. It includes a butterfly about to land on his shoulder. The King, himself, congratulated Yeo on his “fantastic” piece.

Some have said the King looks like he is about to be swallowed by fire in the piece, while others have dubbed it “nightmarish” and “satanic.”

“It’s kind of ghoulish. I think he might be a more attractive person in a photograph, I guess,” a London park-goer named Sarah told reporters on Tuesday.

“I think it’s nice, it’s different to what you’d see normally in a royal portrait. It’s a bit more modern, I would say,” said another.

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