Ontario to increase consequences for drunk driving offenders

Ontario plans to toughen penalties for impaired drivers

“Ontario’s Stringent Measures Against Impaired Drivers: A Step Towards Safer Roads”

The provincial government of Ontario is taking a bold step towards making the roads safer by introducing tough new penalties for impaired drivers. The proposed legislation includes harsh consequences such as a lifetime licence suspension for those convicted of impaired driving causing death. This initiative aims to reduce the alarming rate of impaired driving-related fatalities in the province, with one in three road deaths involving impaired drivers.

Minister of Transportation Prabmeet Sarkaria highlighted the importance of protecting families and communities from the devastating impact of impaired driving. He emphasized that everyone deserves to arrive safely home to their loved ones at the end of the day and that the government is committed to implementing stringent measures to achieve this goal.

New Penalties to Deter Impaired Driving

The proposed legislation also includes requirements for offenders to install ignition interlock devices in their vehicles and undergo remedial education and treatment for alcohol and drug-related offences. These measures are aimed at preventing repeat offences and ensuring the accountability of those who choose to drive under the influence.

Increased Roadside Suspensions and Enforcement

Immediate roadside licence suspensions for first and second-time alcohol and drug-related offences will be extended under the new legislation. Additionally, the authority of police to conduct sobriety tests for drivers both on and off the highway will be clarified, strengthening enforcement measures to deter impaired driving.

MADD Canada Supports Government Initiatives

MADD Canada CEO, Steve Sullivan, commended the Ontario government for its efforts to enhance road safety and hold impaired drivers accountable. Despite progress, Sullivan acknowledges that there are still individuals making the dangerous choice to drive impaired, emphasizing the need for sanctions that focus on reducing recidivism and ensuring public safety.

Impact on Cannabis-Impaired Driving

The government plans to address the increasing prevalence of cannabis-impaired driving, with a focus on providing tools and training for police officers to detect drug-impaired driving. A province-wide campaign will also be launched to raise awareness about the dangers of drug-impaired driving, particularly among young drivers.

Paramedic Association Endorses Legislation

Michael Sanderson, President of the Ontario Association of Paramedic Chiefs, expressed confidence that the proposed legislation will save lives by preventing catastrophic injuries and tragic deaths caused by alcohol and drug-impaired driving. Paramedics witness the devastating consequences firsthand and believe these measures are crucial for improving road safety.

In Conclusion

The introduction of tough new penalties for impaired driving in Ontario is a significant step towards creating safer roads and protecting communities. By holding offenders accountable and implementing stricter enforcement measures, the government aims to reduce the devastating impact of impaired driving-related incidents. These initiatives, supported by organizations like MADD Canada and the Paramedic Association, demonstrate a collective commitment to prioritizing road safety and saving lives. Implementing and enforcing stringent penalties is crucial to ensuring that the roads are safe for everyone and preventing further tragedies caused by impaired driving.”



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