Manitoba river police dog rescue: RCMP pulls wanted man from water – Winnipeg

Wanted man pulled out of Manitoba river by police dog, handler: RCMP - Winnipeg

“Manitoba RCMP made a dramatic arrest with the help of their loyal police dog Phlex, apprehending a man wanted on nine Canada-wide warrants. The thrilling pursuit concluded with the suspect being pulled out of the river in Grand Rapids, Manitoba, in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

The Chase and Capture
Police executed a search at a residence on River Road in Grand Rapids, targeting 42-year-old Kenneth Sanderson, who was believed to be hiding there. Upon the officers’ arrival, Sanderson attempted to evade capture by fleeing from the rear of the house and plunging into the nearby river as a last-ditch effort to escape the authorities.

The Heroic Intervention
Enter Phlex, the police dog, and his handler, who bravely ventured into the river to apprehend Sanderson. Despite his desperate attempt to elude capture, Sanderson was successfully brought back to shore and promptly arrested. Subsequently, he was taken to the hospital to receive treatment for minor injuries sustained during the ordeal.

Facing the Consequences
In addition to the initial nine warrants, Sanderson now faces additional charges of failing to comply with authority and resisting arrest. As the legal process unfolds, he remains in custody awaiting further proceedings.

In conclusion, this gripping arrest showcases the dedication and bravery of law enforcement officers and their indispensable canine counterparts. While the circumstances leading to Sanderson’s arrest may raise questions about the suspect’s actions and motivations, it ultimately underscores the commitment of law enforcement to uphold justice and ensure the safety of the community.”



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