Join the Pancreatic Cancer Canada Cycling Fundraiser in Barrie and Support a Great Cause

Cycling fundraiser for Pancreatic Cancer Canada coming through Barrie

“Riding for a Cause: 7 Days 2024 Cycling Event Raises Funds for Pancreatic Cancer Research”

**A Journey of Hope and Support**

The exciting and impactful cycling event, 7 Days 2024, is set to roll into Barrie on May 30th, marking its 13th year of raising awareness and funds for pancreatic cancer research. Organized by a dedicated group of cyclists, the event spans over 1,100 kilometers across southern Ontario over seven days, aiming to support the 90% of individuals who do not survive pancreatic cancer.

**Honoring a Legacy, Creating Change**

Founded by Gord Townley in memory of his late mother Lorraine, who lost her battle to pancreatic cancer, 7 Days has successfully raised over $1.6 million to date. The event serves as a platform for camaraderie, passion, and storytelling, while also driving real change for those affected by pancreatic cancer. Michelle Capobianco, Chief Executive Officer of Pancreatic Cancer Canada, emphasizes the profound impact of the event in supporting individuals facing this deadly disease.

**Shining Light on a Global Health Crisis**

Pancreatic cancer remains a significant health crisis, being the third leading cancer killer in Canada and predicted to rise to the second spot by 2030. With over 7,200 Canadians expected to be diagnosed this year alone, and a staggering 90% survival rate, the urgency for increased research, awareness, and advocacy efforts is more vital than ever.

**Pedaling Towards Progress**

The 7 Days cyclists are on a mission to raise $250,000 in 2024, adding to the event’s total contributions and supporting innovative research initiatives, awareness campaigns, and advocacy work aimed at improving pancreatic cancer survival rates. With one and two-day riders joining the cause for the weekend in Peterborough, and a virtual option allowing participation from across North America, the reach and impact of 7 Days continue to grow.

**Conclusion: Making Every Pedal Count**

As the wheels of change keep turning, 7 Days 2024 stands as a beacon of hope, solidarity, and progress in the fight against pancreatic cancer. The dedication of the cyclists, donors, and supporters involved in this event exemplifies the power of community and collaboration in creating a brighter future for those battling this devastating disease. Together, we pedal towards a world where pancreatic cancer is no longer a sentence, but a survivable journey filled with hope and triumph.”



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