B.C. woman attacked while nursing her baby in a parked car


Police say a woman was nursing her baby in a parked car in East Vancouver when a stranger opened the door and attack her.

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  1. When you have proven to be a safety risk to the public, personal freedoms should be suspended until you are no longer a risk… if you ask that guy politely to go into a hospital to seek mental health assistance… you really think he will say “ya sure ok I’ll go get help…”

  2. Soon or later Justin Trudeau's son will be on the street as homeless, doing drugs, and he will say it is legal ! Thanks to my dad . He destroyed my life and other people's life in Canada!

  3. Thank Trudeau and the NDP for alowing hard drugs to be consumed like toast and coffee and for letting in all kind of criminals getting into the country withouth any background check whatsoever. We need a federal election NOW


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