Outrage as Montreal cyclist collides with child at school bus stop with flashing lights

Anger after Montreal cyclist hits child about to board school bus with lights flashing

“Imagine the scenario: a school bus comes to a stop, children begin to disembark, and the red lights flash as a safety precaution. And yet, despite these clear signals, cyclists continue to zoom past, disregarding the rules of the road and putting lives at risk. This is a common occurrence on Jeanne-Mance Street in Montreal’s Plateau Mont-Royal borough, where residents have witnessed this dangerous behavior multiple times each day.

The Concerned Residents of Jeanne-Mance Street

Mayer Feig, a resident of Jeanne-Mance Street, has seen firsthand the recklessness of cyclists in the area. He describes a harrowing incident where a cyclist blatantly ignored a stop sign near a school bus, narrowly avoiding a potential tragedy. And he is not alone in his observations – several other residents have similar stories to share, highlighting a concerning trend of disobedience among cyclists in the neighborhood.

The Cycling Advocacy Perspective

On the other side of the debate, Magali Bebronne of cycling advocacy group Vélo Québec recognizes the seriousness of the situation but highlights a lack of awareness among cyclists regarding the specific laws that apply to them. She stresses the importance of educating cyclists about their responsibilities on the road, especially when it comes to interacting with school buses and ensuring the safety of children.

The Legal Framework and Enforcement

According to the Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec, the law is clear: cyclists (and motorists) must come to a complete stop at least 5 meters away from a school bus with its flashing red lights activated. Failure to comply can result in fines and penalties, as demonstrated by Montreal police who are actively investigating the recent incident on Jeanne-Mance Street. Despite these regulations, residents feel that more needs to be done to enforce the law and prevent further endangerment of children in the area.

In Conclusion

The issue of cyclists ignoring school bus signals on Jeanne-Mance Street is not just a matter of inconvenience – it is a serious safety concern that demands immediate attention. By fostering better communication, enforcing existing laws, and promoting a culture of respect and responsibility on the road, we can work towards creating a safer environment for all road users. Let us not wait for another near-miss or tragedy to prompt action – the time to address this issue is now.”



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