McHappy Day® Smashes Fundraising Goal with $8.9M in Donations, Surpassing $100M Total for Canadian Families.

McHappy Day® Raises Record-Breaking $8.9M Bringing Total Raised to Over $100M for Families in Canada

“McHappy Day: A Celebration of Support for Families in Need”

Communities across Canada come together on McHappy Day, a day dedicated to supporting families with sick children and local children’s charities. This annual event, hosted by McDonald’s Canada, has seen overwhelming success this year, with a record-breaking $8.9 million raised for Ronald McDonald House Charities Canada (RMHC Canada) and other children’s charities.

Celebrating $100 Million Raised

The 30th McHappy Day in Canada was not only a day of celebration but also a milestone as it surpassed $100 million raised since its inception in 1977. This monumental achievement is a testament to the generosity and support shown by McDonald’s guests, franchisees, and crew over the years.

The Impact of McHappy Day

The funds raised on McHappy Day directly benefit families with sick children by providing essential services such as accommodations, food programming, mental health support, and more. RMHC plays a crucial role in supporting families during challenging times, and the success of McHappy Day ensures that this support can continue for those in need.

Continued Support Beyond McHappy Day

McDonald’s Canada and its franchisees, restaurant teams, and guests extend their support for RMHC year-round through various initiatives like Round Up, self-order kiosk donations, and directing proceeds from Happy Meals and RMHC Cookies. This ongoing support demonstrates a commitment to helping families in need beyond just one day of fundraising.

A Collective Effort for a Worthy Cause

McHappy Day is not just a fundraising event; it is a symbol of unity and compassion within communities across Canada. The collaborative efforts of McDonald’s Canada, its partners, and supporters have made a significant impact on the lives of families facing difficult times. Through these collective efforts, the importance of giving back and supporting those in need is truly exemplified.

In conclusion, McHappy Day serves as a reminder of the power of community and generosity in making a difference in the lives of families with sick children. It showcases the impact that can be achieved when individuals and organizations come together for a common cause. As we reflect on the success of McHappy Day, let us also be inspired to continue supporting those in need and contributing to a brighter future for all.”



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