Faced with hundreds of unsolved killings, BC creates gang homicide investigation team


The B.C. government is forming an integrated gang homicide team, in the hopes of tackling increasing levels of gang violence and a backlog of hundreds of unsolved killing cases.

The province revealed Thursday that police in B.C. have 356 unsolved homicide cases. Gang-related homicides have risen from 21 per cent of all homicides in B.C. to 46 per cent in the last two decades, according to the provincial government.

The Integrated Gang Homicide Team has been created in an effort to address the recent wave of gang violence over the past few years across the province and to expand capacity.

It will prioritize “complex” gang-related homicides in an effort to catch those responsible and “disrupt gang activity.”

Kristen Robinson reports.

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  1. The BC RCMP couldn't find a killer if he was standing right in front of the body with the murder weapon in their hands!!! If they do find the killer they would just be released onto the streets in a couple of years anyway!!!


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