Enbridge affirms carbon storage project remains active despite Capital Power’s decision – click to learn more!

Enbridge says carbon storage project still alive in spite of Capital Power decision

“Enbridge Inc. is forging ahead with its plan to build a major carbon storage hub in Alberta, despite recent setbacks in the industry. While Capital Power decided to shelve its $2.4-billion carbon capture project, leaving Enbridge disappointed, another project at Heidelberg Materials’ cement plant is moving forward, keeping Enbridge’s storage hub alive. This development highlights the complex landscape of carbon capture technology and its challenges in the current market.

The Future of Carbon Capture Technology

Carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) technology offers a promising solution to mitigate harmful industrial emissions by trapping and storing them underground. Enbridge and Capital Power had joined forces to explore CCUS solutions in Alberta in 2021. However, Capital Power’s decision to cancel its Genesee carbon capture project due to economic concerns raised questions about the viability of such projects.

Enbridge’s Vision and Challenges

Enbridge secured government approval to develop the Wabamun Open Access Hub, with plans to make it one of the largest underground CCUS hubs in the world. The Heidelberg Materials CCUS project, aiming to make the cement plant the first net-zero facility, aligns with this vision. However, the cancellation of Capital Power’s project, which was a key component of Enbridge’s plan, underscores the financial and regulatory challenges facing the industry.

The Road Ahead

While Enbridge remains committed to expanding its carbon capture business, CEO Greg Ebel emphasized the need for competitive projects. With more attractive tax incentives in the U.S., Canadian companies like Enbridge are navigating a challenging landscape. The uncertainty around federal carbon pricing and the need for stable contracts raise concerns for investors in CCUS projects.


The evolving dynamics in the carbon capture industry reflect a broader shift towards cleaner energy solutions. As companies like Enbridge navigate economic challenges and regulatory uncertainties, the future of CCUS technology hangs in the balance. The decision to prioritize competitive and financially viable projects will shape the industry’s trajectory moving forward.”



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