Discover key information about the ‘FLiRT’ COVID-19 subvariant dominating in Canada – National.

‘FLiRT’ COVID-19 subvariant dominant in Canada. What to know about the strain - National

Canada’s Battle with FLiRT Variants: What You Need to Know

As Canada enjoys a lull in COVID-19 cases, a new threat looms on the horizon – the FLiRT variants. These genetic cousins of the Omicron subvariant, JN.1, are causing concern as one variant, KP.2, gains dominance across the country.

Understanding the FLiRT Variants

FLiRT mutations, consisting of KP.1, KP.2, and KP.3, are named for specific amino acid changes in the virus. Although the name may sound whimsical, these variants pose a serious risk due to their ability to potentially evade immunity.

The Impact of KP.2 on Canada

As of late April, KP.2 accounted for over a quarter of all COVID-19 cases in Canada. Expert opinions vary on the potential consequences of this new variant, with some suggesting a possible uptick in infections.

Vaccine Efficacy and Future Protection

Despite concerns about the FLiRT variants, current vaccines in Canada are expected to offer protection against these new subvariants. However, recommendations for boosters may vary depending on age and health status.

The Future of COVID-19 and Vaccination Efforts

Looking ahead, experts anticipate the need for updated vaccines to combat the evolving nature of the virus. The challenge remains to stay ahead of mutations and ensure ongoing protection for the population.

Conclusion: Staying Informed and Prepared

While the FLiRT variants may pose a threat to Canada’s progress against COVID-19, continued vigilance and adherence to public health measures are essential. By staying informed about the latest developments and following expert recommendations, we can work together to navigate the challenges posed by these new variants.



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