‘Deport them!’: Irish independent candidate Gavin Pepper on asylum seekers


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Ezra Levant speaks to Gavin Pepper, an activist opposed to Ireland’s open borders policies who is running as an independent for local office.
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  1. I can understand why some migrants would say they were invited here by the Irish government – Roderic O'Groomer invited them – basically the Irish government are acting like Bord Failte for migrants from anywhere and eveywhere….!

  2. Gavin is not alone in his views. I think most people throughout the free world have had a bellyfull of the WEF and their globalist agenda. The elites are not the brainiacs they think they are. Having wealth should not automatically mean power over everyone else. What they are doing is pure evil, from my point of view.

  3. I`m Italian. We`re fighting the same problem. Globalists, such as the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR), The Trilateral Commission and the UN are pushing this narrative. They do not believe in state sovereignty. They strongly believe in the dissolvement of state sovereignty. One word: Marxists. We must fight back otherwise Italy will no longer be Italian. Irish "craic", Irish customs, Irish traditions, Irish folk songs and everything that says "I am Irish" will be replaced with "sharia law" if we are not careful. Do you honestly want your woman to be under strict morality laws where a simple "sip" of beer is prohibited? Are we mad to be sacrificing our customs?

  4. £4000 a month is more than New York!!!!!!! Start building their own towns non profit for their own people…… stop paying taxes and put that towards building a life without government or globalist control

  5. Russia today was my favourite news channel ..there was very little actual Russian propaganda … They simply told the truth and facts that our own media hides and won't report to us.


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