Central Okanagan regional parks’ fire danger rating elevated to Level 4 – Okanagan: Stay informed

Fire danger rating in Central Okanagan regional parks raised to Level 4 - Okanagan

“Central Okanagan Regional Parks at High Fire Danger Rating

As summer approaches, the fire danger rating in all Central Okanagan regional parks has reached Level 4, the second-highest rating in the provincial system. This increase was due to ongoing dry conditions and forecasts of rising temperatures.

Understanding the Fire Danger Levels

The five fire danger levels in British Columbia are categorized as very low (1), low (2), moderate (3), high (4), and extreme (5). Each level represents the potential risk of fires breaking out in the region.

Precautions and Restrictions

To prevent potential wildfires, smoking, vaping, and open flames are strictly prohibited in regional parks and RDCO community parks. This measure is crucial in maintaining the safety of the parks and surrounding areas.

Potential Changes Ahead

While campfires are currently allowed throughout the province, restrictions could be implemented as temperatures continue to rise. It’s essential for visitors to remain vigilant and adhere to fire prevention guidelines to protect these natural areas.

The Greater Risk

The Regional District of Central Okanagan emphasized that fines for violating fire bylaws range from $250 to $1,000. However, the true danger lies in the possibility of a serious blaze threatening parks, amenities, and nearby residents. It’s not just about avoiding fines but safeguarding the environment and communities.


As we enjoy the beauty of our regional parks, let’s remember our responsibility to preserve and protect them. By following fire safety protocols and respecting the restrictions in place, we can ensure the safety of these precious natural areas. Let’s all do our part to prevent wildfires and preserve the beauty of Central Okanagan for future generations.”



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