Canadian Blood Services apologizes for discriminatory policy


Rachel Aiello discusses the discriminatory donation policy that led to Canadian Blood Services issuing an apology to the LGBTQ2S+ community.

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  1. So you could have a chance of getting doses of estrogen in there now? Dude gets a transfusion, weeks later he's wearing a dress, looking in the mirror in a woman's washroom asking himself "how did I get here?".

  2. I can see a massive Lawsuit coming in the future . Example A famous Professional Tennis Player became HIV infected after receiving a Blood transfusion from HIV Blood ,and came down with AIDS . There will be MASSIVE Lawsuits if this happens again The Law profession will be clapping their hands C A McLean

  3. So they're apologizing for adopting a policy based on scientific data and statistics (about half of aids cases are men who have engaged in sex with other men). Yet another page of reality torn from the book of common sense.

  4. I dont trust health canada to follow real science any more, so i dont trust anything theyre saying about what blood is safe. They're more concerned about politics and $cience

  5. This has to be a joke….Only a complete moron would take this seriously…….We had a guy in the family back in the 60's…..Thought he was Napoleon…….He lived in a fantasy world…..We didnt…..His name was Edward……..No one called him "your Excellency", because they weren't crazy……He was……


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