Canada sees 90,000 new jobs in April with unemployment rate holding steady at 6.1%

Canada added 90,000 jobs in April, as unemployment stayed flat at 6.1%

“Canadian Job Market Beats Expectations with 90,000 New Jobs in April”

In a surprising turn of events, the Canadian economy added 90,000 jobs in April, exceeding the expectations of many economists who were closely following the latest Labour Force Survey numbers from Statistics Canada. This welcome news comes after a challenging period marked by job losses and economic uncertainty.

Steady Unemployment Rate and Employment Rate

Despite the significant job gains, the unemployment rate remained unchanged from the previous month at 6.1 per cent. Additionally, the employment rate, which measures the percentage of the population that is employed, held steady at 61.4 per cent. This stability is particularly noteworthy as it follows six consecutive months of declines in the employment rate.

After experiencing a loss of 2,200 jobs in March, the Canadian job market rebounded in April, offering hope for individuals seeking employment opportunities.

A Promising Outlook for the Future

As we await more detailed analysis and breakdown of the job numbers, one thing is clear – the April job gains are a positive sign for the Canadian economy. The steady employment rate and the significant increase in jobs signal a potential shift towards recovery and growth.

It’s crucial to remain cautiously optimistic and closely monitor the job market trends in the coming months. While the recent job gains are indeed a reason for celebration, it’s essential to continue exploring ways to support job creation and provide opportunities for all Canadians.


In conclusion, the latest job numbers from April are a testament to the resilience and adaptability of the Canadian economy. The unexpected job gains offer a glimmer of hope during these uncertain times and serve as a reminder of the importance of staying agile and responsive to the ever-changing economic landscape. As we navigate the road to recovery, let’s remain vigilant, proactive, and supportive of initiatives that promote job growth and economic stability for all Canadians.”



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