Bedard discusses experience playing for Canada in World Championships in exclusive interview with

Bedard talks playing for Canada in World Championships in Q&A with

“In a recent edition of’s ‘Sitting Down with…,’ we had the privilege of speaking to the talented Chicago Blackhawks center, Connor Bedard. Fresh off an impressive rookie season, Bedard is now representing Canada at the 2024 IIHF World Championship in Czechia. Let’s dive into his thoughts and experiences as he takes on the world stage.”

**Embracing Europe: A whirlwind tour**

As Bedard suits up for Team Canada in the World Championship, he shares his excitement about exploring Europe. From Vienna to Budapest and now Prague, the 18-year-old phenom is relishing the opportunity to soak in the sights and sounds of these beautiful cities.

“It’s been amazing to see new places and experience different cultures,” Bedard shares. “Vienna and Budapest were stunning, and I’m grateful for the chance to explore these historic cities.”

**Unity in Diversity: Team Building with Team Canada**

While the international trip served as a bonding experience for the Canadian squad, Bedard emphasizes the importance of coming together as a team. As they prepare to face off against formidable opponents, the young center values the camaraderie and shared goal of representing their country with pride.

**Facing Challenges Head-On: Adapting to a New Position**

Despite the possibility of playing on the wing instead of his usual center position, Bedard remains unfazed. With a versatile skill set and a willingness to adapt, he sees the opportunity to grow and learn in a different role on the ice.

**The Road to Growth: A Test of Skills and Character**

As Bedard reflects on the value of competing at the World Championships, he recognizes the chance to test himself against top players and further hone his craft. Playing on the international stage not only elevates his game but also provides invaluable lessons and experiences that will shape his career.

**Navigating Unfamiliar Territory: The Challenge of the Bigger Ice Surface**

With limited experience on larger international ice surfaces, Bedard acknowledges the adjustment ahead. Embracing the nuances of the game on a different scale, he remains open to learning and adapting to the unique challenges posed by the expansive rink.

In conclusion, as Connor Bedard embarks on this new chapter of his hockey journey, he embodies the spirit of growth, resilience, and adaptability. Through embracing challenges, building camaraderie, and exploring new horizons, Bedard exemplifies the qualities of a true athlete and competitor. As he navigates the twists and turns of the World Championship, one thing is certain – the world is watching, and Connor Bedard is ready to make his mark.”



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