B.C. Hydro keeps close watch on geomagnetic storm for grid impact


“Canada is currently facing a potential crisis as a major geomagnetic storm threatens to wreak havoc on power systems, satellites, and other critical infrastructure. Space Weather Canada issued a warning about the severe impacts of this storm associated with massive solar flares that are hitting the country.

The Storm Warning

The U.S. National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration also issued a geomagnetic storm watch, labeling this event as a “potentially historic event.” Such storms can lead to power grid faults, disruptions to satellite operations, and even affect activities involving geomagnetism like aerial surveys and directional drilling.

The Science Behind the Storm

Robyn Fiori, a research scientist at the Canadian Hazards Information Service, explained that the storm was caused by coronal mass ejections from the sun, sending vast amounts of solar matter towards Earth. These eruptions, each containing billions of tonnes of plasma and magnetic field, are delivering a significant impact to our planet.

Preparation and Mitigation

In the past, powerful solar flares have caused blackouts, like the nine-hour blackout Quebec experienced in 1989. Canada’s power operators and scientists are closely monitoring the situation and have mitigation measures in place to minimize the impact on power systems. BC Hydro, for example, has been preparing for the solar storm and is closely monitoring for any potential impacts.

Hope and Spectacle

Despite the risks posed by the storm, there is also a possibility of the northern lights being visible across all of Canada on Friday night. While the solar activity may bring challenges, it also promises a memorable show for those fortunate enough to witness it.

As we navigate through this potentially historic event, it serves as a reminder of the powerful forces at play in our universe. It underscores the importance of preparedness, resilience, and the wonder of nature’s spectacle. Let us watch, learn, and appreciate the intricate dance of the cosmos, embracing both the risks and the beauty it brings.”



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