Anti-Israel protesters in Ottawa refuse to speak with media unless approved by ‘handlers’


On last night’s episode of The Gunn Show, Rebel News reporter Robert Kraychik joined the show to shed light on the anti-Israel protests taking place at the University of Ottawa.

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  1. It is against the law to provide support for Hamas, which has been designated by the government as an illegal terrorist entity. Please sign our petition demanding that the government deport non-citizens, including foreigners on student visas, who are abusing the privilege of being our guests by supporting Hamas hate rallies:

  2. They don't engage because they have no purpose and they are unaware of the history surrounding "Palestine" that's causing this mess. Ask them who Hadrian is if you want to see error in the processing.

  3. I’ve heard these demonstrators are backed and paid by so-rose, gates and other billionaires, Clinton’s and other democrats in the USA. Are they backing the ones in Canada as well, I wonder?

  4. lmfao, Rebel either has the brain power of a stump or they are paid liars
    “who’s paying for the matching tents”
    These tents are the cheapest available tent on Amazon.$35, one day delivery

  5. 99% of them are paid actors. Theyre all hiding their faces, all living in the same coloured tents, act and band together with Antifa, BLM, and other communist groups

  6. Yemen and Iran are offering paid scholarships to these students if they go to their country. We are all under attack and stage one of the brainwashing was a success for them through. Tic tok

  7. The same situation occurred during the Trucker’s Convoy when protesters were not allowed by their handlers to speak to anyone or really , even look into their eyes. Are these the same cast of characters? Are they paid? Have gun, Will travel?

  8. These so called "students " pay good money to go to University to be sheeplings , and "obey " their masters and not to think for themselves, this is bullshit. Now whenever a young person proudly tells me they graduated from University, my brain automatically says " Idiot/Moron ".


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