A once-in-a-lifetime celestial explosion may be near — and Canadians can see it


A once-in-a-lifetime celestial event may be nearing — and Canadians will be able to see when it does.

The binary star T Corona Borealis is set to go nova — which it does every 80 years — before September.

The star is normally too faint to see with the naked eye but the explosion, when it occurs, will be nearly as bright as the North Star, according to NASA.

“This is a real, live stellar laboratory where we can look at… all sorts of astrophysical interesting processes,” York University professor emeritus of physics and astronomy Paul Delaney told Global News.

Global’s Nate Dove has more.

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  1. 80 years. To put into context the significance for others… you'll only see this twice is you were born soon enough to see the last one 80 years ago, or if you were born soon enough prior to this one to live long enough to see the next one. Everyone else will either never see it, or only ever see it once; maybe. Depends on if they live in the right place at the right time to see it. Etc and so forth. To see it twice for the rest of us born at the wrong times; it would take likely a good 160 to 200 year life span to see it twice. Potentially three times at the high end…

    But that's not happening.


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