UofT counter-protesters rally as Pro-Palestinian encampment continues


A week since pro-Palestinian protesters occupied the University of Toronto campus, hundreds of Jewish students and faculty members attended a rally on Wednesday against “rising hate on campus.”

The Toronto police’s hate crime unit is also investigating allegations of protesters assaulting counter-protesters and a passerby on Saturday.

On Wednesday, a rep from the encampment said the university is ignoring their Israel divestment demands and that they would not “be pushed aside.”

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  1. So, are the counter protestors All Students? All Not Paid? They all go to school there?

    Or are they Veterans and Active members of the accused foreign military force?

  2. Global News prove again theirs spread of islamofascists desinformation, on the coming election Canada good people revolt against any form of fascism which is including islamofascism too. Peace and love


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