Toronto Pearson gold heist: Ontario man arrested at airport after arriving from India


An Ontario man is facing charges in connection with the largest gold heist in Canadian history at Toronto Pearson airport last year.

Archit Grover, 36, from Brampton, was arrested on Monday after arriving on a flight from India, Peel Regional Police said in a new release Thursday.

His arrest comes after Peel police, along with the Philadelphia Field Division of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, announced five arrests in the case in April.

Kayla McLean reports on the arrest and the latest details on the investigation.

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  1. It seems Canada allows more criminals entry then ever before. What really happened! Canada is not safe any more, no jobs, crime, murder, housing crisis. I thought IRCC has control system .

  2. These are bad apples they definitely must be punished and government should be careful not letting such people on the country. Punjabi community has been here for very long and they given a lot to this country we should blame the whole community for this because all communities have bad apples in them. However lately relaxed immigration policies have been miss used and a lot of people from many countries undeservedly entered Canada.wether as refugees or temporary workers etc. Qualify not quantity please.

  3. Its interesting, Trudeau supports khakistan (Sikh community) against India. But when the same people commits crime, like the three suspects in Nijjar killing, drug cartel, gold heist etc they been called Indian. Why do they not distinguished themselves here?

  4. Canada needs to tighten their international student visa program especially for India.

    Criminals from that country are taking advantage of it to get into Canada and leech off it's already weak economy.

    Oh, and no I'm not racist. I'm also a Southeast Asian immigrant who got Canadian Citizenship back in the early 2000's. Things were much more moderate back then. Only skilled immigrants like my parents actually got approved.


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