Toronto Maple Leafs fire Sheldon Keefe after playoff loss


Host of ‘Hot Take Hockey’ John Viveiros says the firing of Sheldon Keefe was ‘long-overdue’ after five seasons and little playoff success.

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  1. Excellent stuff ??

    I wanna see more changes to the whole team and management.

    It's a start but the Leafs are definitely too soft.
    They need much better communication, passion, follow through and grit.

    Focus on those.

  2. Run a billion dollar team and lose,
    They'll replace you with someone else who will also be replaced because the leafs won't win the playoffs ever as they make more losing…
    Stop going to games, stop betting on them and stop giving your hopes up for a win that'll never come… the Leafs will continue to suck until we stop supporting there losing streaks.
    If no one pays for there losing streak salary, maybe we'll win if we don't pay that salary.

  3. ?????????????????

    hope that The Leafs keep Goalie Coach Mr. Curtis Sanford.

    He helped bring Ilya Samsonov back from his problems
    and he brought along Joseph Woll superbly well to high NHL Level.
    He also deployed Jones well.

    He is a VERY Knowledgeable and Calm Intense Teacher 
    and he deserves to stay with The Leafs ! ! !




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