Shocked residents ordered to vacate Winnipeg apartment block due to unsafe conditions

“Everybody’s just in shock” as city orders residents apartment block to vacate over unsafe conditions - Winnipeg

“Residents of a Portage Avenue apartment block are being forced to leave their homes due to structural concerns. The city has issued an order to vacate Birchwood Terrace, a 171-unit building that has been deemed unsafe for occupancy. As more than 200 people residing in the building face uncertainty, the timeline for repairs remains unclear.

The Structural Issue:
The building’s owner, Henry Borger, revealed that a structural issue in the parkade led to the discovery of severe corrosion in the columns. This prompted the city to intervene and order residents to evacuate for their safety. Despite the heartbreaking reality of uprooting lives, Borger expressed gratitude for uncovering the problem before any catastrophic event.

The Displaced Residents:
Residents were caught off guard by the sudden evacuation order, with many expressing disappointment over the lack of communication regarding the structural issues. Elderly and disabled residents, like Carrie Shier, found themselves in distress as they scrambled to make arrangements to leave the building.

The Impact:
The closure of Birchwood Terrace highlights the challenges faced by residents in a city where affordable housing is scarce. As residents struggle to find temporary accommodations and face financial uncertainties, the closure serves as a stark reminder of the pressing need for safe and affordable housing alternatives.

Looking Ahead:
Neighbouring properties along Assiniboine Crescent are now on evacuation watch, signaling a potential domino effect in the area. The evacuation order raises questions about the state of infrastructure in the city and the responsibility of building owners to ensure the safety of their tenants.

As residents navigate the aftermath of this sudden displacement, the true cost of inadequate building maintenance and the human toll it takes come into stark focus. The evacuation of Birchwood Terrace serves as a wake-up call for authorities and property owners to prioritize the safety and well-being of all residents in the midst of a housing crisis.”



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