Rex Murphy, renowned columnist and sharp intellectual, passes away after battle with cancer – Click here to read more


“Rex Murphy: A Canadian Icon Remembered”

In a world where media personalities come and go, Rex Murphy stood out as a true Canadian icon. With his distinctive Newfoundland accent and sharp wit, Murphy captivated audiences for decades. From his early days in Newfoundland to his time as a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford, Murphy’s journey was anything but ordinary.

A Passionate Advocate

Murphy was known for his unwavering support of Israel and Canada’s Jewish community. Even in his final days, as he battled cancer, he continued to write about important issues, never shying away from controversy. His distinctive panache and genuine love for Canada shone through in every column he penned.

A Legacy of Voice and Influence

Throughout his career, Murphy’s voice was a powerful force in Canadian media. From his days at CBC Radio to his time at the National Post, he never failed to make an impact. His ability to match wits with any intellectual, while remaining relatable to everyday Canadians, set him apart as a rare talent.

Remembering Rex Murphy

As tributes pour in from across the country, one thing is clear – Rex Murphy will be dearly missed. From former prime minister Stephen Harper to comedian Mark Critch, everyone has a story to share about the man who made a lasting impression on Canadian media.

Murphy’s legacy lives on in the hearts of all those who were fortunate enough to know him. As we bid farewell to a true Canadian icon, let us remember the words and wisdom of Rex Murphy, a man who dedicated his life to championing what he believed was right for our country. Rest in peace, dear Rex. Your voice will echo through the halls of Canadian media for years to come.



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