RCMP not enforcing injunction at Alberta First Nation blockade


Tensions are rising between Woodland Cree First Nation in northern Alberta and Calgary-based Obsidian Energy.

The community has been ordered to stop blocking Obsidian crews from accessing a pipeline site, but RCMP say they are not enforcing the injunction for now.

Heather Yourex-West explains how Woodland Cree First Nation Chief Isaac Laboucan-Avirom reacted and what ignited the dispute between both sides.

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  1. Give them money, that's all they want. I have to hand it ti the Indian's, they're not stupid. They get millions, just like they did from the Trans mountain pipeline twinning !

  2. Of course not. Law seems to be arbitrarily applied to different groups in Canada. I can't help think that this practice undermines peoples trust in the institutions that are supposed to be enforcing the law.

  3. All over ontario — we are loosing all our hunting lands — no snow to hunt — no ice to ice fish … we are all sick of it .. Hold strong and fight for your rights and Land … Goodluck ?

  4. I surmise that the injunction came from the Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench. The RCMP, who are beholden to the Federal government, will follow the directives from Ottawa. This underscores the absolute necessity for the RCMP to be removed from the province.

  5. What is the point of a law if the cops can just refuse to enforce it? Thes cops should be brought up for obstruction, or interference, or whatever the appropriate charge is for preventing the law form being enforced.

  6. They need a deal like the state of Alaska, that every citizen gets paid a percentage of profits from the oild wells and refineries. That would put the money in the pockets of the First Nations and allow improvements for the people on their lands.

  7. Classic shakedown…Criminal extrortion…Give us money for nothing or we'll wreck your business by blocking the roads you use…Why are the police refusing to enforce the law? It sure looks like political corruption.


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