Ontario family’s refusal to settle hospital bill sparks controversy

Family furious over $400/day hospital fine for not moving to LTC

“A Heartbreaking Battle: Woman Refuses Nursing Home, Faces Hefty Fine”

In a heart-wrenching turn of events, a brave woman from southwestern Ontario is standing her ground against a hospital bill totaling $8,400. Why? Because she refused to place her 83-year-old mother in a nursing home she despised. Michele Campeau is on a mission to protect her mother, Ruth Poupard, from a fate she deems unfair and unacceptable.

The Unjust Law at Play

Under the controversial More Beds, Better Care Act, hospitals now have the power to place discharged patients into nursing homes against their wishes. Should the patients refuse, they incur fines of $400 per day. Campeau and her mother have fallen victim to this law, as Poupard remains in Hotel-Dieu Grace Healthcare, waiting for a spot that meets their standards.

A Family’s Struggle and a Mother’s Fight

The journey for Campeau and Poupard has been riddled with challenges. From health issues to the pressures of finding suitable care, the family is facing an uphill battle. Despite efforts to secure a fitting long-term care home for Poupard, they have faced obstacles at every turn. With increasing bills and no end in sight, Campeau remains steadfast in her refusal to bow down to a flawed system.

A Call for Change

The More Beds, Better Care Act may have been well-intentioned, aiming to free up much-needed hospital space, but its consequences are dire. Patients like Poupard are left at the mercy of a system that overlooks their preferences and sacrifices their well-being for the greater good. As Campeau bravely fights for her mother’s dignity, it begs the question: at what cost do we prioritize efficiency over humanity?

The Road Ahead

With uncertainty looming over their heads, Campeau and her family stand at a crossroads, unsure of what the future holds. The battle for Poupard’s right to dignified care wages on, as they navigate a complex and unforgiving healthcare system. In a world where bureaucracy trumps compassion, their story serves as a poignant reminder of the lengths a mother will go to protect her loved one.

As we reflect on this emotional saga, let us not forget the faces behind the policies and fines. Let us remember Ruth Poupard and the countless others who deserve to age with grace and respect, not mere statistics in a system fraught with shortcomings. May Campeau’s unwavering strength inspire us to advocate for change and uphold the dignity of our elders.



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