Minister confirms B.C. cyberattack was not ransomware incident

B.C. cyberattack not a ransomware incident, minister says

“BC Government Networks Hit by Cyberattack: What You Need to Know”

In a recent turn of events, a “sophisticated” cyberattack has been detected on B.C. government networks, sparking concern and questions about the safety and security of sensitive personal information. Premier David Eby has acknowledged the situation and has enlisted the help of the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security to strengthen defenses against potential threats.

Uncovering the Attack

While details about the cyberattack remain vague, Public Safety Minister Mike Farnworth has confirmed that it is not a ransomware incident. Government employees were instructed to change their passwords immediately, indicating the seriousness of the situation. The specific timeline of when the intrusion was discovered has not been disclosed, but Farnworth stressed the importance of securing the system before making any public announcements.

Protection First

Farnworth explained the province’s decision to delay informing the public about the cyberattack, emphasizing the need to prioritize system protection. Revealing the attack prematurely could potentially expose sensitive data to further risks. The goal is to understand the extent of the breach and fortify defenses before sharing more information with the public.

Moving Forward

Despite the uncertainty surrounding the cyberattack, there is currently no evidence of any personal information being compromised. The Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner has been informed about the situation, ensuring transparency and accountability in handling the breach. Provincial employees were prompted to change their passwords as a precautionary measure, although the government has clarified that this action was not related to the recent cyberattack on London Drugs.


As the investigation into the cyberattack on B.C. government networks unfolds, the importance of cybersecurity measures and vigilance is highlighted. The incident serves as a reminder of the ever-present threat of cyber threats and the necessity of proactive measures to safeguard sensitive information. It is crucial for organizations and individuals alike to stay informed, prioritize security, and collaborate with cybersecurity experts to prevent and mitigate potential cyberattacks.



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