Kingston-area United Way receives 5,000 cans of baby formula from Canada Royal Milk – Click here for more information!

Baby formula: Kingston-area United Way receives 5,000 cans from Canada Royal Milk

Introducing Canada Royal Milk: Closing the Baby Formula Gap

In the midst of a baby formula shortage and soaring prices, Chinese-owned manufacturer Canada Royal Milk is stepping up to help bridge the gap. With their new $332 million dollar Kingston facility, the company is aiming to alleviate the frustration felt by parents for the past two years. General manager Chenggang Han expressed confidence in their capacity to meet the local market demand, producing 4,300 cans of formula an hour once fully operational.

Donation to United Way

Recently, Canada Royal Milk donated their first batch of 5,000 cans, valued at $200,000, to the United Way Kingston, Frontenac, Lennox and Addington. This generous gesture is set to benefit over 275 families, particularly those who are struggling to afford the high costs of baby formula. CEO John DiPaolo highlighted the importance of community support and collaboration, with 8 partners ready to distribute the much-needed formula to those in need.

Addressing the Rising Cost of Formula

As supply shortages and disruptions in the United States continue to impact the formula market, prices have doubled in some cases, adding financial strain on parents already struggling to make ends meet. However, Canada Royal Milk aims to provide a competitive price for their product, brand named Niuriss, which translates to nutrition in Latin. This new formula is expected to be available on shelves this summer, offering a potential solution to the pricing dilemma.

Conclusion: A Step in the Right Direction

The efforts of Canada Royal Milk to address the baby formula shortage and support families in need are commendable. By donating to organizations like United Way and Kingston Interval House, they are making a tangible impact on the lives of many. As the Niuriss formula prepares to enter the market, there is hope that it will provide relief to parents grappling with rising costs. This initiative serves as a reminder of the power of community support and collaboration in times of need. Let us all come together to ensure that every child has access to the essential nutrition they deserve.



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