Is there a concern for ‘Islamophobia’ at ‘Little Gaza’ tent city at U of T?


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David Menzies returns to ‘Little Gaza’, the anti-Israel tent city encampment protest occupying the lawn at the University of Toronto, where school administrators appear to be concerned about non-existent Islamophobia at the school.
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  1. When I am on my death bed, I hope to be on the right side of TRUTH. I don't really give a …. about history.

    No, they are not the same sam thing.

    This concern about history is straight out of Communist workbook.

    "Lenin and the Party are twin brothers
    Who is more precious to MOTHER HISTORY?
    When we say "Lenin," we mean "the Party."
    When we say "the Party," we mean "Lenin."
    – Vladimir Mayakovsky

  2. Go protest in the countries that have the war. Canada is peaceful. Protesting here is just silly. A bunch of goons that know nothing or are content with being foolish. Canada does not want to be a part of your war. Take your nonsense overseas.

  3. I bet if you asked the communists if they were unique individuals, they would say that they were lol. They do not realize that they are the first ones to be made to conform when the boot comes down. They have no idea what the power of the collective can do to the individual.

  4. All the wanted diversty in this country has brought only the most stupid troublesome individuals.
    Are there protests like these in all the Arab countries for the current problems in Gaza?

  5. These grown adults playing make believe give ZERO f***s about gaza and they've been very clear about that.

    I'd love for them to prove me wrong but all I've seen is them playing make believe communist but don't want to live in a communist country… obv making sense isn't their strong suit ?

  6. Canada barely survived as a country during the Anglo-French tensions we had for most of our history and the crisis of conscious with the Native Americans, now throw in 500k-1 Million random ethnic groups a year into the mix and all these 3 Major groups that made up Canada for most of it's history and defined this nation are practically under threat of being replaced for lack of a better word, yes this means the Indigenous people suffer just as much as the British Islander Majority of Canadians and the French-Canadians which is the biggest Minority group. In short we need to focus on our country and its historical legacy and continuation over international concerns we have no leverage over and doesn't relate to our country's problems in any way.

  7. Lemme tell you something people, the left are making up words now to criticize us. “Islamnophobia” ha, seems made up to me. Same with the other gibberish like “transphobia”, “homophobia”, “Xenophobia”, really?


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