Is Intifada really anti-Semitic?: Jew for Palestine at ‘Little Gaza’ tent city at U of T


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David Menzies returns to ‘Little Gaza’, the anti-Israel tent city encampment protest occupying the lawn at the University of Toronto, where school administrators appear to be concerned about non-existent Islamophobia at the school.
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  1. Liberals who are Into this Islam thing are genuinely stupid. Do you like or hate gays and women's autonomy? Or do you want the sand religion? Pick a struggle because they AIN'T COMPATIBLE

  2. Yes, there are Jews for Palestine.

    There are also neurotics, psychotics, schizophrenics, psychopaths, sociopaths and plain traitors. Jews for Palestine are in that crowd. Especially among traitors.

  3. "Is intifada antisemitic?"
    It's a call for a violent uprising, associated with the 2 Intifadas arabs waged against Israel, which were famous for their peaceful suicide bombers who killed hundreds of onnocent civillians in places like malls and buses. What a tool.

  4. anti-semitism doesn’t exist, it’s a made up term used to control weak people. A variety of non-jewish peoples in the mid-East are technically semites. It’s just a tool to shield from criticism, a tool used when people “notice” things

  5. I’m old enough to remember Yasser Arafat using the threat of intifada as a tool, back in a time nobody fell for professional liars within the anti-democratic movements.


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