Former Ontario Chief Justice to lead Canadian Safe Sport Commission – National

Canada safe sport commission to be led by former Ontario chief justice - National

“Former Ontario chief justice Lise Maisonneuve has been appointed to lead the Future of Sport in Canada Commission, marking a significant step towards addressing the issues plaguing the Canadian sport system. Alongside her, Carla Qualtrough, the Canadian sports minister, revealed that Noni Classen and Andrew Pipe will serve as Maisonneuve’s advisers in this crucial endeavor.

**Delving into the Crisis**
The mandate of the commission is clear – to tackle the prevalent problems within the Canadian sport system, particularly amidst what has been described as a ‘safe-sport crisis’ by both Qualtrough and her predecessor, Pascale St-Onge. With an 18-month timeline, the commission aims to engage with various sport bodies and survivors of abuse to identify solutions and enhancements for the national sport system. The plan includes the production of two reports and organizing a national summit to discuss initial findings.

**Calls for Investigation**
While the establishment of this commission is a positive development, there have been calls from former athletes, academics, and even former sports minister Kirsty Duncan for a public inquiry into the matter. The need for thorough investigation and accountability is evident, as the sport system grapples with fundamental issues of safety and integrity.

The allocation of $10.6 million over two years in this year’s federal budget signifies a commitment to addressing these pressing concerns and paving the way for substantial changes.

**Toward a Safer Future**
Maisonneuve, a respected figure in the legal realm, has expressed her dedication to fostering a values-based, safe sport system for all Canadians. This mission is crucial in light of the past failures that have resulted in harm and maltreatment, emphasizing the urgency for substantial cultural shifts within the sports community.

Qualtrough draws parallels between the work of this commission and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, highlighting the need for acknowledgment, accountability, and systemic change. The focus on prevention and safeguarding the well-being of all individuals involved in sports is paramount to rebuilding trust and ensuring inclusivity.

As the Future of Sport in Canada Commission embarks on its journey, it is imperative for all Canadians to engage in this process. By sharing perspectives, ideas, and solutions, we can collectively work towards a safer, more inclusive sport environment. The revelations and testimonies from athletes underscore the urgency for change, emphasizing that the time for action is now.

It is through collaborative efforts, transparency, and a commitment to upholding the values of integrity and safety that we can truly shape a future where all individuals can participate in sports with dignity and respect.”



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