Exciting News: Merchant of Tennis Teams Up with Tennis Canada and National Bank Open for Game-Changing Retail Partnership

Merchant of Tennis Announces Game-Changing Multi-Year Retail Partnership with Tennis Canada and the National Bank Open

“Merchant of Tennis serves as the official retailer for the 2024 National Bank Open presented by Rogers in Toronto, marking the beginning of an exciting multi-year partnership with Tennis Canada. This collaboration between Merchant of Tennis and Tennis Canada signifies a shared dedication to nurturing the growth of tennis communities across Canada.

Redefining the Retail Experience at Canada’s Premier Tournament

With a rich history rooted in a love for the sport, Merchant of Tennis brings a level of professionalism and expertise to the National Bank Open that sets them apart. As a family of tennis players, the retailer is committed to providing players and fans with top-quality equipment, footwear, and apparel, elevating the overall consumer retail experience at the tournament.

Pam Horwood, President of Merchant of Tennis, expresses, “For over three decades, we’ve been deeply involved in the tennis community, driven by our passion for the sport and our dedication to delivering exceptional service. Our partnership with the National Bank Open demonstrates our commitment to expanding the game of tennis and offering an unparalleled experience to players and fans.”

Elevating the Retail Experience for Tennis Fans

Tennis Canada CEO, Gavin Ziv, echoes the excitement surrounding the partnership, stating, “We are thrilled to have Merchant of Tennis as a partner for the National Bank Open presented by Rogers. Their expertise and commitment to providing top-notch service align perfectly with our goal of enhancing the retail experience for fans at the tournament. Together, we aim to create positive tennis experiences for Canadians both on and off the court.”


As Merchant of Tennis and Tennis Canada join forces to elevate the retail experience at the National Bank Open, it is evident that their shared passion for the sport will drive them to new heights in the development of Canada’s tennis communities. This partnership marks a significant moment in the growth of tennis in the country, promising an exceptional experience for players and fans alike. Cheers to an exciting future for Canadian tennis!”



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