Discover why the popular Ajax dessert shop run by Keith Lee is relocating in Toronto due to zoning regulations

Keith Lee in Toronto: Ajax dessert shop to move due to zoning

“Small Ajax dessert shop, Biscuits to Baskets, was recently given a dazzling review by celebrity food critic Keith Lee. However, their newfound success quickly turned sour after a zoning complaint forced them to relocate their business. Let’s delve into both sides of this controversial issue.

The Initial Boost of Lee’s Review

On April 5th, Keith Lee visited Biscuits to Baskets, located in an Ajax backyard shed. His TikTok review to 16 million followers led to a surge in customers for the shop. The manager, Victoria Fliegel, expressed excitement over the newfound attention.

The Zoning Complaint and Relocation

Shortly after Lee’s visit, the municipality informed Biscuits to Baskets that they could no longer operate from the backyard shed due to zoning issues. The shop was required to move to the main house by June 1st, causing inconvenience for both the owners and customers.

Town of Ajax’s Response

The Town of Ajax confirmed the zoning violation and presented the owners with options for compliance. Despite the complaints triggered by Lee’s visit, the town expressed willingness to work with the shop to find a solution.

Keith Lee’s Support

In response to the situation, Keith Lee initiated fundraising efforts to help the shop move to a new location. He praised the business for its food, customer service, and overall spirit, urging his followers to contribute to their cause.

The Power of Lee’s Reviews

Keith Lee’s endorsement, known as the “Keith Lee Effect,” has the potential to skyrocket businesses to success. While his review initially boosted Biscuits to Baskets, it also led to unforeseen challenges for the shop.

The Road Ahead

Biscuits to Baskets, grateful for Lee’s support, acknowledged the financial challenges of relocating. As they strive to find a commercial space in Ajax, the family-owned business emphasizes the importance of finding the right fit for both themselves and their loyal customers.

In conclusion, the story of Biscuits to Baskets showcases the highs and lows of sudden fame. While celebrity endorsements can bring newfound success, they can also unearth unforeseen obstacles. As the shop navigates this turbulent time, one thing remains clear – the resilience and dedication of small businesses in the face of adversity.”



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