Compete in the Skills Canada Alberta competition with hundreds of participants

Hundreds take part in Skills Canada Alberta competition

“Provincial Competition Showcasing Alberta’s Brightest Trades and Technology Students”

High school and post-secondary students from all corners of the province have descended upon Edmonton for a provincial competition that can only be likened to the Olympics for those passionate about trades and technology. Skills Canada Alberta’s communications manager, Victoria Anderson, describes the event as a platform where 700 students are competing in 45 different trade and technology categories, ranging from welding to baking, cabinet making to photography, and beyond.

Investing in the Future Workforce

Established in 1992, Skills Canada Alberta is a vital part of a national organization that strives to introduce youth to careers in skilled trades and technology. Anderson emphasizes the organization’s commitment to investing in Alberta’s future workforce through collaborations with government, industry, and education partners who share the same mission of showcasing the rewarding opportunities available in the trades and tech industries.

Networking Opportunities and Industry Recruitment

Beyond the competitive nature of the event, students have the chance to network with industry professionals seeking to showcase career options and recruit talent for the future workforce. For instance, Troy Wielgus, the lead instrumentation engineer at CNRL’s Horizon site, made his debut at a Skills event where he introduced robot dogs used for gas detection in the oil sands. These robots, coded by students, play a crucial role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions by detecting leaks early on.

Paving the Way for Success

The winners of this provincial competition earn the privilege of representing Alberta at the Skills Canada National Competition in Quebec City. Furthermore, scholarships are available for post-secondary students to compete at the international level, with some Alberta competitors even jetting off to France to represent Canada on the global stage.

As we witness the innovative creations and skills displayed at this competition, it serves as a reminder of the bright future ahead for Alberta’s trades and technology sectors. The passion and dedication of these young individuals not only highlight the potential within the industry but also lay the groundwork for a promising future workforce. Skills Canada Alberta’s commitment to nurturing talent and providing opportunities for growth and success sets a precedent for the next generation of skilled professionals.



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