Canada’s Tyson Beukeboom to make rugby history against Wallaroos

Veteran Tyson Beukeboom set to enter rugby record book as Canada faces Wallaroos

“Canadian rugby history is about to be made as forward Tyson Beukeboom gears up to tie Gillian Florence as Canada’s all-time women’s caps leader with 67. This monumental moment will take place as Canada faces off against Australia in the Pacific Four Series at Allianz Stadium in Sydney this Saturday. Beukeboom’s dedication and resilience have propelled her to this historic milestone, symbolizing the grit and determination of Canadian rugby players.

### A Legacy of Excellence
Gillian Florence, the current record holder, is a trailblazer in Canadian rugby, having played in five World Cups and earning the prestigious title of being the first woman inducted into the Rugby Canada Hall of Fame. Florence’s legacy of excellence continues to inspire players like Beukeboom to push their boundaries and leave their mark on the sport.

### A Journey of Sacrifice and Triumph
Beukeboom’s journey to this historic moment has been filled with sacrifices and triumphs. From her humble beginnings in Uxbridge, Ontario to representing her country on the world stage, she has embodied the true spirit of a Canadian rugby player. Putting her body on the line for her team, Beukeboom has proven time and time again her unwavering dedication to the sport she loves.

As Beukeboom prepares to reach this significant milestone, she reflects on the surreal nature of this achievement. Despite the challenges and sacrifices along the way, she remains focused on the ultimate goal of representing her country with pride and determination.

### Looking Towards the Future
With the upcoming match against New Zealand Black Ferns, Beukeboom and her teammates are gearing up for another challenging battle on the field. As they strive to secure victory in the Pacific Four Series, Beukeboom remains resolute in her commitment to achieving success for her team and her country.

In a sport where teamwork and perseverance are paramount, Beukeboom’s journey serves as a testament to the power of resilience and dedication. As she ties the record for most caps in Canadian women’s rugby history, Beukeboom’s legacy will stand as a beacon of inspiration for future generations of rugby players. Cheers to Tyson Beukeboom, a true Canadian rugby icon, on this historic achievement.”



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