Canada’s secret documents praised sanctioned Haitian – shocking revelation!

Documents revealed Canada praised sanctioned Haitian

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Embassy Interaction with Sanctioned Haitian Executive

An intriguing revelation has come to light regarding the Canadian Embassy in Haiti and their correspondence with a sanctioned Haitian businessman. This businessman, Reynold Deeb, was praised and thanked by embassy officials and an RCMP liaison officer for allowing the use of his golf course for helicopter evacuations and police training. Deeb is currently on Canada’s sanctions list due to alleged ties to criminal gangs in Haiti. The emails exchanged between the parties will be used in a Federal Court case by Deeb’s lawyers to challenge his inclusion on the sanctions list. This development sheds light on the complexities surrounding international relations and sanctions.

Impending Drought Threatens British Columbia

As British Columbia braces for another hot, dry summer, concerns about drought loom large. The head of the province’s River Forecast Centre, Dave Campbell, warns that if B.C. experiences another summer of low precipitation, it could face unprecedented drought conditions. With persistent droughts dating back to 2022, the province is already grappling with multi-year precipitation deficits. The potential cumulative impacts of consecutive droughts could lead to water scarcity and other challenges. As B.C. prepares for the upcoming season, officials are set to address these concerns in a news conference on drought and wildfires.

Legal Proceedings in Winnipeg Murder Trial

The trial of Jeremy Skibicki, accused of killing four women in Winnipeg, continues with a focus on the search for the victims’ remains. Skibicki has confessed to the murders but claims he is not criminally responsible due to mental illness. Prosecutors allege that Skibicki targeted vulnerable Indigenous women at homeless shelters, adding a disturbing layer to this tragic case. As the legal proceedings unfold, questions of accountability and justice come to the forefront.

NAC’s Unconventional Musical Offerings

The National Arts Centre in Ottawa is set to embark on a unique musical journey with its upcoming season. Incorporating video game music from “Final Fantasy” into their repertoire, the NAC Orchestra ventures into new terrain. Alongside this innovative performance, the season features a 10-day festival showcasing diverse artists and newly commissioned works from Canadian playwrights. This eclectic mix of music and performing arts promises to captivate audiences and push boundaries in the artistic realm.

Reflections on Villainous Roles in Hollywood

Actor Kevin Durand reflects on his penchant for playing villains in Hollywood productions. With a career filled with detestable characters, Durand embraces his latest role as the villainous simian king in “Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes.” While the film may appear as a typical action-packed blockbuster on the surface, Durand invites audiences to delve deeper into its themes of humanity and self-reflection. Through his portrayal of complex characters, Durand challenges viewers to ponder the darker aspects of human nature and society.

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Published on May 9, 2024, by The Canadian Press”



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