UNBELIEVABLE: Security locks the door on ‘Stop the Carbon Tax’ petition


| Rebel News attempted to deliver the ‘Stop the Carbon Tax’ petition to Environment and Climate Change Canada in Gatineau, Quebec. Security promptly locked Rebel News out of the building to avoid taking the petition.
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  1. Remember, it was Robert Borden, a Conservative prime minister, who in 1917 imposed income tax to finance Canada's WW1 effort. It was meant to be temporary! Remember, it was Brian Mulroney, a Conservative prime minister, who in 1991 imposed sales tax to bury debts and deficits incurred by Pierre Trudeau, father of Justin. It was meant to be temporary! Remember, Poilievre is a Conservative! His net worth is nine million dollars! He got a pay hike on April 1st the very same day carbon tax was increased! He will not axe the carbon tax!!!


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