U of T administrators concerned about ‘Islamophobia’ at ‘Little Gaza’ tent city


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David Menzies returns to ‘Little Gaza’, the anti-Israel tent city encampment protest occupying the lawn at the University of Toronto, where school administrators appear to be concerned about non-existent Islamophobia at the school.
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  1. At the 9:15 mark, creepy dude in a green military style coat and army boots is filming you with a purpose in mind. Looks like he shared the video almost right away. I'd keep an eye out for him the next time you are out and about. Stay safe out there!

  2. Once more Islamophobia is not a correct word its 2 languages cobble to gether
    Islam Arabic for SUBMIT
    Phobia Greek means terror of
    so the word means SUBMITTING TERROR right you see one you join Islam without reading the Koran you cannot leave alive go read the Koran and Hadiths
    What you bet YT will ban me for truth again even though IT IS WRITTEN

  3. administrators only appear to be concerned about non-existent so-called Islamophobia at the school.

    Muslims can never give an answer to a disbeliever

  4. Im truly disgusted and disappointed with the youth in these Universities……please leave! Plenty of healthy minded people would love to take your place.

  5. Those “communists” with a Coke on a table … as one who grew up in soviet ghetto .. I do not know how many soviet people in eighties were killing each other just for this one Coke can. ?????

  6. Oh my god I saw someone changing money for commy merch and info about being a commy,and pointed shouldn't be free if that's what U believe in, after I pointed out there hypocrisy they said I can have it for free, which I refused

  7. What happened to a good old fashioned hunger strike

    Last real hunger strike was back in 1980 started with Bobby Sands

    Come on protesters step up your game


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