RFK Jr. overcomes brain worm illness, campaign reports

Independent U.S. presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. speaks to supporters during a campaign event, Sunday, April 21, 2024, in Royal Oak, Mich. (Jose Juarez / AP Photo)

“Imagine running for the highest office in the land, only to discover that a parasite had invaded your brain. This was the reality that independent U.S. presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. faced more than a decade ago. But fear not, as he has fully recovered from this shocking ailment.

The Revelation of a Brain Parasite

In a recent report by the New York Times, it was revealed that Kennedy had a parasite in his brain, which had caused significant damage. According to a 12-year-old deposition, Kennedy shared that a doctor had informed him that an abnormality on his brain scan was actually due to a worm that had made its way into his brain, eaten a portion of it, and then perished.

The Cause and Recovery

Kennedy’s spokeswoman, Stefanie Spear, disclosed that the parasite was contracted during his extensive travels in Africa, South America, and Asia while working as an environmental advocate. Fortunately, Kennedy underwent treatment more than a decade ago and is now in excellent physical and mental health.

A Light-Hearted Response

In true Kennedy fashion, he took to social media to address the health scare with humor. Kennedy jokingly offered to consume five more brain worms and still outshine President Trump and President Biden in a debate. Despite facing cognitive struggles in the past, Kennedy remains confident in his abilities.

The Dark Side of the Story

The 2012 deposition that revealed Kennedy’s health struggles occurred during his divorce from his second wife, Mary Richardson Kennedy. Tragically, Mary died by suicide the same year amid a custody battle for their four children. Despite the challenges he faced, Kennedy’s campaign remains strong and resilient.

A Compelling Campaign Ahead

As Kennedy continues to challenge the likes of Donald Trump and Joe Biden for the presidency, his resilience and determination are undeniable. A Reuters/Ipsos poll in March indicated that Kennedy could capture eight percent of voters nationwide. With his unwavering spirit and dedication, Kennedy’s campaign is one to watch.

In Conclusion

While the revelation of a brain parasite may have shocked many, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s remarkable recovery and unwavering determination speak volumes about his character. As he navigates the rough waters of the presidential race, Kennedy’s resilience serves as an inspiration to us all. Let us watch closely as this unique candidate continues his journey towards the White House.”



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