“No such thing as a perfect parent”: More than half of parents say they’re burned out


The COVID-19 pandemic is in the rear-view mirror but that hasn’t stopped parents from feeling burnout, as many say they feel pressure to be “perfect.”

A new study from Ohio State University found 57 per cent of parents in the U.S. say they are burned out. The data shows that burnout can also impact their children, especially when they’re enrolled in too many activities.

Experts say there’s “no such thing as a perfect parent.” And As Sean Previl explains, they suggest spending more time with the kids as one way to reduce burnout.

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  1. The government of Canada has put so much stress on everybody. People are just trying to feed themselves little alone people that have kids. I can’t imagine how hard it must be..

  2. It is due to the breakdown of the family unit (and I am NOT talking about "traditional" family unit. It doesn't matter what pronouns they use or what genders they are). Too many latchkey kids and non-present guardians.


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