‘My daughter is the only Irish child in her class’: Mother pushes back against open border policies


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Ezra Levant speaks to Susanne Delaney, a Dublin mother who is running for local office after becoming fed up with the Irish government’s open borders immigration policies.
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  1. The super elites are sabotaging our societies. They want chaos and division. The Irish have been colonised before they will not stand for it and they are not . my old family left Ireland as a result of English meddling and threats to their survival as a result of such. They came across to England. They did not gate crash or bulldoze themselves into anywhere else.
    This is going to get very messy. If these illegal migrants or men are fighting age, bring their families over it’s game over. It will be full on Civil War even faster.
    It looks however as though these men have been brought in -not just allowed in, to be the fighting soldiers. They will be able to do things to us that aresoldiers couldn’t. This is so sinister.

  2. That woman is a true patriot and has balls. I wish her all the luck and success. IT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE THAT HER CHILD TO BE THE ONLY IRISH ONE IN THE CLASS. THAT IS REPLACEMENT FOLKS!!!!!! Coming to a town near you unless you stand up. Wake up everyone!

  3. Well in Northern Ireland they elected are black mirror for the city of Londonderry or Derry do you think she's Irish Northern Irish do you really think that she's going to have are interests in her mindm

  4. Hey wait a minute didn't the Irish do this when they were living in terrible conditions like a lot of these immigrants. 10 million left for the States and other countries. Its what people do and will always do until the conditions in their own country improves.

  5. this is what happens when the Irish people vote for abortion in Ireland ???????? Bring God back in your schools Homes Work please This is the consequences Ireland god protected you Ireland through two world wars Never forget it ???

  6. If you live in a foreign country, you should speak the language of the country you live in – you abide by their laws, you abide by their patriotism – the way to destroy a country is to being in people who don’t a have the same beliefs as you do – many of these immigrants believe it is totally acceptable to marry a 10 year old girl and be domestically violent – that is what is being brought into our countries


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