London, Ontario police officer suspended for assault now charged with harassment – London Ontario

London, Ont. cop already suspended due to assault case now faces harassment charge - London

“In the latest episode of police misconduct, a London, Ont. police officer, Const. Juan Romero-Hernandez, finds himself in hot water once again. Suspended with pay since December on assault charges, Romero-Hernandez is now facing additional charges of harassment and breaching conditions. This troubling development sheds light on the complexities surrounding police accountability and the need for stricter regulations in law enforcement.

The Allegations

The London Police Service has confirmed that Romero-Hernandez was arrested for criminal harassment in connection with repeated communication with a victim via email and phone. These new charges come on top of the existing assault charges, including assault with a weapon, resisting arrest, obstructing police, and two counts of assault. All of these alleged incidents took place while the officer was off duty, raising questions about the conduct of law enforcement officers outside of their official responsibilities.

A Call for Transparency

As the case unfolds, it becomes evident that accountability within the police force is a pressing issue that cannot be ignored. With Romero-Hernandez’s 20 years of service and suspension with pay, the public demands transparency and swift action. The London Police Service’s inability to provide further information due to the ongoing court proceedings only adds to the urgency of addressing systemic issues within law enforcement.

Changes in Policy

The introduction of the new Community Safety and Policing Act highlights a significant shift in the ability of police chiefs to suspend officers without pay. Under the previous legislation, officers would only go without pay if convicted of a serious offence resulting in imprisonment. Now, a more proactive approach allows for suspensions without pay in cases where an officer’s conduct interferes with their duties or if they face serious off-duty charges that could lead to dismissal.


The case of Const. Juan Romero-Hernandez is a stark reminder of the need for accountability and transparency within law enforcement. As the public grapples with yet another instance of police misconduct, it is essential to consider the broader implications of these issues on public trust and safety. Moving forward, stricter regulations and oversight are crucial in ensuring that those tasked with protecting and serving the community uphold the highest standards of conduct and integrity.”

Byline: Global News, a division of Corus Entertainment Inc.



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