Gaza crisis: US pauses weapons shipment to Israel over concerns of Rafah invasion


U.S. President Joe Biden says he won’t continue to supply Israel with offensive weapons if the Israeli army invades Rafah.

It is Gaza’s southern-most city, where more than one million Palestinian civilians are sheltering. Jackson Proskow explains how the major policy shift could put further pressure on Israel to scale back its war on Hamas, as Palestinians scramble to escape Rafah while they can.

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  1. What's really sad about these people is Hamas has brought this upon them. Palestine has received billions of dollars over the years, and Hamas used it to build tunnels & buy weapons and rockets. Their leaders are wealthy & live elswhere. The people live in abject poverty and the fathers are no where to be seen for the most part.
    The Bible calls this the sins of the fathers upon the children, to the third and fourth generation. It is heartbreaking. War is terrible.
    Hamas is to blame for both starting the war, and continuing the war. They could have released the stolen hostages many months ago, but they continue to refuse. This also proves they do not care but about their own people !

  2. STANDING STRONG is what makes the student PATRIOTS so POWERFUL! They are in FACT the NEW MAJORITY and are changing the narrative not just here at home but AROUND THE WORLD! RESPECT!

  3. Well aren’t they fortunate that they were warned about what was going to happen. Think of the unfortunate ones on Oct. 7. They were given no warnings.

  4. Ah yes love the trigger phrases "hot summer" like with covid "dark winter" funny the us is sending aid to gaza to get votes for the election and stop the protesting while back-door arms deals with isreal. Hundreds of billions to ukraine. Seems the democrats love war.

  5. Seriously Global News?! Oh great the US built a port that people can't get to because the area will be attacked. The U.S. is entirely innocent and "concerned". Distance yourselves from Isarael's actions as though you haven't been supplying arms to Israel for months.


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