Family mourns loss of infant killed in tragic 401 crash, leaving a permanent void

Family says infant killed in 401 crash leaves a ‘void that can never be filled’

“In a heartbreaking turn of events, the family of a three-month-old boy who lost his life in a tragic wrong-way crash on Highway 401 just a year after his birth is now left to mourn his untimely passing. Aditya Vivaan, the precious newborn who brought immense joy and happiness to his loved ones, was fondly remembered by his aunt Brinda at a funeral ceremony in Toronto East, where poignant memories were shared amidst deep sorrow and loss.

Remembering Aditya’s Innocence and Love

Brinda shared touching anecdotes of little Adi, highlighting how he was surrounded by nothing but love during his short but impactful three months on earth. She recalled the moments when family members embraced Adi with pure affection, leaving a void that can never be filled now that he is no longer among them.

Tragic Events Leading to the Loss

The fatal crash that claimed Aditya’s life, along with his grandparents, occurred on Highway 401 in Whitby, Ontario, following a police pursuit of a U-Haul cargo van linked to an earlier robbery. The ensuing multi-vehicle collision resulted in the devastating loss of the infant, his 55-year-old grandmother, and his 60-year-old grandfather, who had traveled from India to spend time with their beloved grandson.

A Family Devastated by Loss

The grieving parents of Aditya expressed their profound sorrow over the tragedy, emphasizing the irreplaceable memories and love that their precious child had brought into their lives. The pain and emptiness of not being able to hold their beloved Aditya again was palpable in their heartfelt statement, reflecting the profound impact of this tragic loss on their entire family.

Memories That Live Forever

As the family gathered to bid farewell to Aditya and his grandparents at the funeral, the aunt expressed how their memories would continue to live on, bringing solace in the midst of grief. She spoke of the inevitable moments of longing and remembrance that would fill their days and nights, urging everyone to find comfort in the belief that the three departed souls are now together in eternal peace.

In times of unfathomable loss and heartache, the resilience of the human spirit shines through, as families come together to honor the memories of their loved ones and find strength in unity. May Aditya Vivaan and his grandparents rest in peace, their legacy of love enduring in the hearts of those who cherished them deeply.”



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