Eduardo Verástegui addresses critics and defends “FAULKNER: Sound of Freedom” against CBC criticism

FAULKNER: Sound of Freedom actor Eduardo Verástegui addresses CBC criticism of his movie

“Child trafficking is a heartbreaking reality that plagues our societies, not just in distant lands, but right here in Canada. Mexican actor and producer of Sound of Freedom, Eduardo Verástegui, sheds light on this dark issue in an interview with True North’s Harrison Faulkner at the Make Europe Great Again Conference in Bucharest, Romania.

### A Controversial Film Release
Sound of Freedom, a film that aims to raise awareness about child trafficking, faced criticism from CBC movie critics, who labeled it as a ‘dog-whistle for xenophobic, pro-life types.’ This raises the question – can a movie that sheds light on a real and pressing issue be dismissed so easily?

### A Call to Action in Canada
Verástegui is not just bringing attention to the issue of child trafficking through his film; he is also planning to visit Canada to engage with political leaders and advocate for change. His dedication to this cause is commendable and prompts us to reflect on what more can be done to combat such heinous crimes.

In a world where the innocence of children is constantly under threat, it is crucial for individuals like Verástegui to use their platform to amplify the voices of those who are silenced. Let us join hands in the fight against child trafficking and create a safer and more just world for our future generations.”



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