Canada’s monitoring and surveillance efforts target illicit maritime activities like ship-to-ship transfers

Monitoring and surveillance activities by Canada against illicit maritime activities including ship-to-ship transfers

“Canada Takes Action to Monitor Illicit Maritime Activities

In a strategic move, Canada has announced its plans to engage in monitoring and surveillance activities by aircraft to combat illicit maritime activities, including ship-to-ship transfers with North Korean-flagged vessels. This decision comes as a part of the ongoing efforts to enforce United Nations Security Council resolutions (UNSCRs) and maintain global security.

Why Japan Welcomes This Initiative

Japan has warmly welcomed Canada’s initiative as a crucial step towards ensuring the effective implementation of UNSCRs. By standing in solidarity with the international community, these monitoring activities aim to push North Korea towards dismantling all weapons of mass destruction and ballistic missiles. The collaboration between Japan, Canada, and other related countries is essential for enforcing these resolutions and maintaining peace in the region.

In the Pursuit of International Security

From early May to early June, Canada will conduct these monitoring activities using Kadena Air Base under the Agreement Regarding the Status of the United Nations Forces in Japan. This marks the eleventh time since 2018 that such activities have taken place, highlighting the ongoing commitment to enhancing maritime security and combatting illicit activities.

Conclusion: A Collective Effort for a Safer Future

As countries come together to monitor and combat illicit maritime activities, it reinforces the need for collective efforts in upholding international laws and promoting global security. Canada’s proactive approach sets a positive example for other nations to follow, emphasizing the importance of collaboration and vigilance in safeguarding our oceans and promoting peace.”



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