Brazil floods: Animals stranded, families displaced as heavy rains continue


Rio Grande do Sul continues to be battered by heavy rains after catastrophic flooding swept Brazil’s southernmost state last week, leaving not just tens of thousands of people displaced, but animals stranded, too.

In Canoas, a single horse, which footage showed trapped on the roof of a building, has been captured, while rescuers worked to save dozens of dogs trapped in a building in the state capital of Porto Alegre.

One Porto Alegre family relocated completely to a shelter on an overpass, while a man in Eldorado do Sul has been using his wheel loader to transport displaced residents and family to safety.

More than 155,000 people have been left homeless, without food or water amid the floods. As of Wednesday, 131 people are still unaccounted for and 90 have died, according to the state’s civil defence agency.

Though regional rain is predicted to let up on Thursday, more is forecasted over the weekend.

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  1. This tragedy could have been avoided, if it were not for the negligence and lack of prioritization of the city's representatives regarding the maintenance and hiring of specialized personnel for periodic maintenance and renovation of the dikes. Now with the destruction and death of people, they should be held criminally responsible!

  2. Although heatwaves are getting less severe, global warming is far from over. Let's vote for Green Party and tell your government to reduce CO2 emissions proactively.

  3. As of 2022, China was by far the world's largest coal consumer with 55% of energy use, an increase of 2% of the total energy from the year before.
    So China is accelerating the use of coal despite it having signed the Paris agreement.

  4. Brazil ?? has been moving closer to China for a while. How are things going for that country?
    – Western Liberal Democracies which include Asian countries such as South Korea, Taiwan ??, and Japan, are doing well,
    while countries in China's orbit or even China itself are struggling.


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