Boeing 767 cargo plane lands on nose after landing gear failure


A Fed-ex cargo plane had a rough arrival at Istanbul Airport on Wednesday, after its front landing gear failed to open, leading the aircraft to land on its nose, causing sparks to fly.

The Boeing 767 touched down in Turkey’s capital after crew members informed traffic control that its front wheels would not deploy.

No one was injured in the emergency landing, but smoke billowed as the nose of the plane scraped along the runway. The pilot was forced to climb out of the plane’s front windows.

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  1. Great pilots; appears to be no injuries or deaths. Looks like a great job by the crew. No fire. No explosion, just a semi crash landing.

    So for all you “know nothings” who are ready to blame Boeing – we have no idea how old the plane is. We don’t know how maintenance has been handled. Simply put- before you judge do your homework.


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