AstraZeneca COVID jab pulled from global markets


| The hasty authorization of the AstraZeneca COVID jab based on third-party assessments, despite significant contamination issues and manufacturing concerns, undermines Health Canada’s mandate of quality assurance and safety oversight.

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  1. AZ in their instructions said that when administered, you must aspirate to avoid hitting a blood vessel, otherwise it may cause blood clots. The WHO and western governments advised health professionals not to aspirate…

  2. It is a "told you so" moment that gives me no joy and I have been actively avoiding. Why? Because I would rather have been wrong than see family and friends now have to live with the consequences of the shots they were given.

    I get so angry & mad when I see those who did not listen, voting back in the same criminals that allowed or orchestrated the destruction of the general public's immune systems in the first place.

  3. It’s not only Astrazeneca, it’s all mRNa vaccines. It’s irresponsible and I would even say criminal thing to have forced people to take such gene experimental treatment.

  4. Yes, and more will stop too, as class action suits develop and stocks keep dropping!! Still HERE!! NEVER took one injection, and have NEVER been sick, and continued to hang around with a variety of un vacsxed people throughout the plandemic!! Never stopped living!! Also, after how I seen this Prime Minister, call people all sorts of things with veiled threats, and how I've personally seen people treat people, it just proved I would NEVER help humanity for the "collective or the greater good!" NEVER!

  5. There was some stupid women purporting to be from the RACGP this morning telling us that the chance of suffering from clotting is 1 in 50,000 while the chances of getting pregnant are far higher at 1 in 12,000. As a biological male I don’t like those odds, I’m about four times more likely to get pregnant than suffer a vaccine side effect, now we know who the idiots are that have been advising the government.

  6. Remember every time you see a covid/CDC blue warning Google/YouTube along with the CDC is spreading misinformation and they should be reported back to YouTube per their own policy.

  7. 3:42 – “COMMUNITICATING”..?? Is this another play on words to mean they won’t be communicating? Just like they used the word ‘efficacy’ in place of ‘effectiveness’ – the former means “results in controlled lab conditions” (so fake then) and the latter means “effectiveness in the real world” (the truth). Word games!!

  8. Remember when they told you could mix and match the vaccine?
    AZ or Pfizer it apparently didn’t matter?
    That’s because it was all the same stuff, you were given the illusion of choice.

  9. Why can't the vax companies be sued??? Because they trade fraudulently behind bogus companies which were dissolved years ago, all registered through companies house, Sunak has some which made millions from the jabs. Same with the 5g safety certificates, issued through dead bogus companies. Then there is the child 'care system' which is seriously nefarious…Gary Waterman's channel explains in full.

  10. We all got injected and the experts were telling us that the injections would stop the spread of the virus infections. We all got the Covid disease even though we were vaccinated. It did not work then and does not work now.


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