Apply now for the 2024 Canadian Beef Check-Off Agency award scholarship opportunities available!

Scholarship applications open for the 2024 Canadian Beef Check-Off Agency award

“Joining forces to shape the future of Canada’s beef industry”

The Canadian Beef Check-Off Agency (the Agency) is taking a proactive approach to engage the younger generation in the beef industry. With a renewed focus on youth involvement, the Agency has announced the annual scholarship aimed at students who have a passion for making a difference in Canada’s beef industry.

Diversifying Youth Strategy

The scholarship is not just restricted to beef producers or those with direct ties to the industry. It is open to students who can offer fresh perspectives and innovative ideas in areas such as marketing, research, and public engagement. The goal is to attract individuals who can add value to the beef industry in Canada through their unique skill set and vision.

Jeff Smith, the Agency Chair, highlighted the importance of nurturing young talent within the beef industry. He emphasized the need to attract bright minds and ensure the industry continues to grow and evolve. The scholarship serves as a platform to encourage and support the next generation of leaders in Canada’s beef industry.

Exploring Career Paths

Julie Mortenson, the Agency’s Youth Member and a member of the scholarship committee, emphasized the diverse career paths available within the beef industry. With over 20 applicants in various industry sectors last year, Mortenson expressed excitement about the potential impact that students can have on the industry. Whether it’s in production, research, or environmental and human health, the scholarship aims to recognize and support individuals from different backgrounds.

While a preference may be given to applicants with a background in agriculture, it is not a strict requirement for the scholarship. The focus is on identifying individuals who are passionate about improving and growing Canada’s beef industry in unique and impactful ways.

Making an Impact

Applicants are required to submit a 1-2 minute video showcasing their commitment to enhancing Canada’s beef industry. The scholarship aligns with the Agency’s mission to deliver value to the beef industry through strategic investments. The selected applicant will be announced at the Agency’s AGM in August, coinciding with the Canadian Beef Industry Conference in Saskatoon.


The Canadian Beef Check-Off Agency’s annual scholarship represents a significant opportunity for students to contribute to the future of Canada’s beef industry. By encouraging young individuals to bring their ideas and passion to the industry, the Agency is paving the way for a sustainable and innovative future. To learn more about the scholarship and how to apply, visit and be part of shaping the future of Canada’s beef industry.”



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